Viking Compass Wayfinder Silver Ring - Vegvisir - Wayfinder

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  • Made from an Actual Coin! Genuine 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar in Coin Silver (90% Silver)
  • Wayfinder Design with Vegvisir & Protective Runes
  • Start to Finish Crafted in USA Artist Collaboration
  • Viking Spirit, American Pride
  • Allow up to 4 weeks for creation & delivery

This is the first in a series produced in collaboration with artist Daniel Shively.

I am incredibly proud to introduce what may just be the coolest ring ever. On the outside, the ancient and powerful Viking Compass; on the inside, the beautiful details that show this ring was created using a genuine 1964 Silver Kennedy Half Dollar. We’re calling it Wayfinder: The Ring of Adventure

The Wayfinder rings are individually hand-crafted. Our process involves two artists, each working in their own studios. Working carefully, to the highest standards, we’re creating uniquely beautiful rings that are incredibly comfortable to wear. It takes some time to do this, so please allow up to four weeks for your ring to be created & delivered. 

About Wayfinder - the Viking Compass

The Vikings explored the world, crossing trackless seas to lands near and far. Without modern technology, they relied on the Gods to help them. The Wayfinder symbol - also known as the Vegvisir or Viking Compass - was found on an 11th century Icelandic manuscript, with the message, "May I never lose my way, in storms or bad weather, even when the way is not known."

About Kennedy Silver Half Dollars

The choice of the Silver Kennedy Half Dollar to make the ring was deliberate. Not only do these coins have a high silver content - 90% in this particular case - their sentimental value means that people kept these coins with them on their journeys all around the world. Ornamenting that well-traveled coin with the protective symbol Vikings used to guide them on their adventures results in a beautiful comfortable band.

Sentimental and valuable, the Kennedy Silver Half Dollar is unique among American coins. Minted in 1964 to honor a beloved President just months after his assassination, using 90% pure silver, Kennedy Silver Half Dollars became cherished keepsakes. Tucked carefully into wallets and carried as lucky coins, the 1964 Kennedy Silver Half Dollar has been going on adventures for nearly 60 years.

The Wayfinder Ring

On the outside of the ring, the traditional ancient Vegvisir sigil wraps around the band -- meaning that the symbol encircles you as the wearer, whenever you are wearing it. The protective runes that accent this design say, "Not all who wander are lost. Journey well!"

On the inside of the ring, there is a hidden surprise. You can actually see the details from the half-dollar coin, and how the coin was crafted into the shape of a ring. 

This ring is the perfect symbol of an adventurous spirit.


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Viking Compass  Wayfinder Silver Ring - Vegvisir - Wayfinder
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