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About Us


Welcome to the Viking Celt Trading Company!

What's more fun than being a Viking? NOTHING! Life is glorious when you're open to adventure. That's what the Viking Celt Trading Company does. We travel the world - going where the original Vikings went, and a few places they would have loved to go - in search of the fun, the fantastic, and the beautiful. We also can't resist a good deal. Then we bring the very best of everything here for your shopping pleasure.

What can you find at the Viking Celt Trading Company?

Everything awesome the well-dressed Viking would want or need. This includes awesome Viking jewelry – you should see our Thor’s Hammer, it’s big and stylish – as well as authentic Viking Rune sets in oak and pewter.  You’ll also find an ever-changing array of neat stuff – unique items available for only a limited time – so make sure to visit us regularly. 


Where does all this cool stuff come from?

A good portion of what’s on offer here has been designed by our resident designer & rune scholar, Bob Heiney. When we can, we also showcase the very best work our friends & colleagues are doing. Almost everything is made in the USA, by proud small business owners. 


What kind of runes are those?

Our Viking Rune sets, Viking Rune jewelry, and Rune T-shirts all feature Elder Futhark runes. All 24 Elder Futhark Runes are available as fine hand cast pewter pendants. 

We are also proud to present the best-selling Resilience Bindrune Pendant, which incorporates Uruz, Algiz, Eihwaz and Wunjo for Strength, Protection, Resilience and Victory.  


What’s the deal on shipping?

Free shipping, every US order. We like to keep things simple.  International orders coming soon.


What about returns?

We want our customers to be happy. If there’s ever a problem, let us know right away.  We make returns super simple and stress free. 


Are bulk discounts available?

There’s nothing a Viking appreciates more than a good deal. If you’re going to be ordering multiples of any item, contact us at for a special bulk discount code.