Othala Rune Pendant on Furs and Crystal.


Othala is one of the oldest and most widely used Viking Runes. Also called Odal, Othala is the Viking Rune for home, roots, legacy – in other words, being proud of who you are and where you came from.  The Othala rune also has associations with nobility and nation-building – concepts that have strong merit when kept in perspective, but problematic when they get out of hand. 

Othala: Understanding the History of this Viking Rune

Othala is the O rune in the Elder Futhark alphabet. Some people even say it looks like the letter O, if the letter O is much squarer than you’re used to, and propped up on a pair of legs. Othala appears widely throughout the historical records of the time, and appears in the Anglo-Saxon rune poem thus:

[An estate] is very dear to every man,

if he can enjoy there in his house

whatever is right and proper in constant prosperity.

What Does it Mean When Othala Appears in a Rune Reading?

Othala is strongly related to family and unity, so if it appears in a reading, consider the relationships you have with your ancestors, living family, and the generations yet to come. Traditions should be embraced with open eyes or not at all – this means understanding the impact of legacies you choose to continue, as the benefits of letting some traditional thinking remain in the past. Othala also has an association with inheritance and wealth-building. As such, it is a helpful guide to anyone building for a better future. 

Yes, Racists Ruin Everything

Racist far right groups have appropriated Othala and use it in materials promoting white supremacy. If you see Othala rendered with feet at the end of the crossed lines, be aware that this is an exclusively far-right hate based usage, and, as such, is illegal to display in Germany. 

(Thank you Wikipedia for this illustration!)

Hate has no home here. Our Viking Rune products, including Rune Sets, Casting Mats, and Rune Pendants, are offered in a sense of joyful inclusivity that recognizes the value & worth of all people.

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