Perthro pendant, displayed against green crystal.


Perthro is truly a rune of mystery. No one’s entirely sure what Perthro represents as an object – some say pears, some say game pieces, some say a drinking cup – but taken all together, the meaning is one of comradeship, gathering and good luck. 

It’s important to understand that games of chance were very important in Viking culture. As a people, Vikings had a strong belief in the idea of luck. The same man who had good fortune rolling the dice would fare well on the battlefield.  The sense of gathering and comradeship is equally tied to the Viking’s history as a fighting people: you want to have strong and happy bonds with the people tasked with having your back in combat. 

Viking women had an additional battlefield to conquer: childbirth. In some traditions, Perthro is thought to bring luck to expectant mothers. There is a strong association between Perthro and fertility. 

Understanding Perthro: A Look at the Historical Literature

Our only reference to Pethro comes from the Anglo-Saxon rune poem, which reads as follows:

Perthro is a source of recreation and amusement to the great, where warriors sit happily together in the beerhall.

Perthro is the Runic Letter P.

What Does it Mean When Perthro Appears in a Rune Reading?

Pethro is a joyful, exuberant rune. Its appearance in a rune reading means happiness is on the horizon, if you’re willing to open yourself up to enjoying it. Trust yourself and your intuition, while remaining mindful of what it takes to safely test your boundaries.  Perthro’s strong association with good luck makes no promises while reminding us that without risk, there is no reward. 

Perthro also represents sacred mysteries and initiations. When Perthro appears in your rune reading, be aware that opportunities to learn and grow may be in your immediate future. This type of growth represents a positive transition, leaving you both stronger and smarter.

You can wear the Perthro rune as a pendant or lucky charm.

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