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We’re your source for high quality and unique Viking, Norse, and Celtic goods — Viking jewelry, authentic Rune sets, fantastic Pocket Knives, gaming gear, and more.

We work with creative artisans and makers on small-batch limited-run ideas, to bring you new cool items in limited quantities. 

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Celtic Knot Works Jewelry Viking Thor's Hammer Pendant- Mjölnir


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Ansuz Rune Pendant

Learn the Viking Runes: Ansuz

Ansuz is one of the runes associated with Odin. Ansuz is the rune for words & sounds, both of which Odin used to weave his …

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Thurisaz Rune Pendant

Learn the Viking Runes: THURISAZ

Thurisaz is the rune for thorn. It’s easy to see a thorn in this rune’s shape, such as the type a rose grows on its …

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Uruz Rune Pendant in Pewter

Learn The Viking Runes: URUZ

Uruz is said to be based on the shape of the aurochs, the ancient ancestor of all cattle. Powerful and stubborn in equal measure, these …

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Celtic Knot Works Jewelry Kenaz Rune Pendant – Torch, Fire, Knowledge – Ancient Traditions
Celtic Knot Works Matchbox Celtic Wolf Treasure Box in Stainless Steel

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